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Available jobs, part time and full time at Aurora in Stocksund near Stockholm

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Who are we?

-  Aurora Data Recovery AB have their offices in Stocksund, about 15 minutes north of Stockholm by car and 20 minutes or so with the local train, Roslagsbanan. Aurora was established in Sweden in 1984.

-   Today the company is firmly established as the number one Data Recovery company in Sweden and has customers from most European countries. Aurora also has web-based global marketing of LCD or TFT flat screens and panels.

Who are you?

-  For most of the jobs that we are offering we will expect that you both speak and write really good Swedish and have a good telephone voice.
-  You must be comfortable working with a PC and preferably have some knowledge of the Office Programs.
-  You are probably aged somewhere between 18 and 25 and have no difficulty reading or speaking everyday English.
-  You are a reliable person that we can depend upon. You may have your own good ideas and enjoy working in a small team.
-  You work hard, you are proud when you succeed and hopefully have a great sense of humor.

What jobs are available?
-  Kontorets allt-i-allo - office work
We have an interesting job for a young lady that would like to work with simple office routines such as basic accounting, post and help answering the telephone. Training will be given to a suitable applicant if required.

-  Webbdesign - HTML - maybe part Time
We have a very large web site on-line, in fact it's over 3000 pages ! As you can imagine, we need help keeping the information fresh looking and as up to date as possible. If you know some HTML ( W3C standard of course) we may have an interesting job for you. We always appreciate new ideas for lay-out, graphics and navigation. Training will be given to a suitable applicant if required.

-  Tekniker - PC, network
As you can imagine, not a day passes without making improvments to our computers. Upgrading processors and memory, installing new program versions, building special applications in PC's, and adjusting our networks. For this job you must have good practical experience.

-  Media - Grafik - Reklam - Layout
We have an immediate requirement for a younger person that has studied media, advertising and graphic layout. We have several interesting projects that we wish to begin at once. For this job you must also have good practical experience. Part-time work is also possible if you are still studying.

-  E-Mail - Traffic
Each and every day we receive well over 1000 e-mail messages. Even if more than half are 'spam' or unwanted rubbish, there still remain many that must be replied to, both promptly and professionally. You will speak excellent Swedish and part of your job will be to improve our standard answers (mallar på svenska) to assist in speedy and effective replies to our customers. A good example would be a small, but polite message to thank all our jobb applicants for their applications. Not at all difficult, but very desirable i'm sure you agree ?

If any of the above sound interesting, please take a few minutes to read a little more about Aurora, you will see some basic links at the base of this page. (the link marked 'vanliga frågor' contains some useful answers about working hours etc, bear in mind that the Q& A page was previously intended for PRAO students)

If, AFTER reading about our company, there are still some unanswered questions, you are very welcome to call us during office hours 09:30 - 17:00 på tel.   08-792 22 40

You should always fill in this simple job application, but for sure, feel free to also send us a more personal e-mail with your foto or even a CV if you have one. Our email adress is 'work @ aurora . se' and by the way, reply in Swedish if you prefer, its the language we use most of the time at Aurora in any case, so don't worry.

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