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Information about the IT training program

Basic PC knowledge requirements

Some information about the scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded to a student that can demonstrate good understanding of PCs, Internet and its potential uses while showing an aptitude for web design, programing, marketing or other area of Information technology. Most important, the student will have a genuine desire to learn an exciting subject at a very high tempo.

Some facts about Aurora

For almost 20 years, Aurora have practised a policy of very actively supporting students and young job seekers. Among our activities in this field we can mention:

All the above training programs are free of charge for the students.
Assistance with finding accommodation may be provided.
If these information seem interesting to you, look at:

Information about the IT training program

Basic PC knowledge
All students construct their own PC during the training period.

Economics, an introduction

The Operating System

Microsoft Office XP
The above programs will be used on a daily basis, thus the learning spectrum will be substantial.

Database application programs

Graphic and layout programs

Web page planning

WEB page design


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